Financing a marimba        Financing One Vibe™

NoteWorthy Federal Credit Union, known as ‘the artist’s credit union,’ specializes in making musical instrument loans. Fixed rates range from from 7.5%APR to 8%APR, for 36 to 120 months, and your instrument is the collateral. USA only. Go to

Here’s how it works: marimba one™ or our dealers provide you with a quote for your instrument. You present it to NoteWorthy. You pay 10% deposit. Then, once you’re approved, NoteWorthy sends a check for the balance. To find out more, call marimba one™ at 888.990.6663. Or you can contact NoteWorthy Credit Union directly at 1900 Superior Ave, Ste 126, Cleveland,  OH 44114; (216) 263-7034;