Marimba One announces the newest addition to its line of marimbas

Wave 4.3 oct with 8" wheels and accessory bar
Wave 4.3 oct with 8" wheels and accessory bar
  • Wave 4.3 oct with 8" wheels and accessory bar
  • Wave 4.3 oct with 4" wheels. Accessory bar optional
  • Square, non-slip, heavy-duty Wave accessory bar
  • Izzy Height Adjustment System

The Marimba One Wave 4.3 and 5.0 Octave Rosewood Marimba

The new Marimba One Wave marimba is specifically designed for outdoor as well as indoor use and is available in both 4.3 and 5.0 octave rosewood models. The frame is constructed of heavy walled, lightweight aluminum for strength.  It provides the best-designed and toughest quality-built frame on the market.  The 4.3 octave model is available with the Classic Resonators and your choice of 3 keyboard voicing options and the 5.0 octave model is available with your choice of six acoustic combinations for the keyboard and resonator voicings.

The Marimba One Wave also boasts a quick-release accessory bar. This square, non-slip, heavy-duty front accessory bar runs the entire length of the frame and can be mounted with any percussion accessory.

Ron Samuels, Marimba One President & CEO adds, “What’s most exciting about the Wave, is that it was designed to be more functional and meet the needs of percussion ensembles of any type.  We’ve made it easy for setting up, moving it around, and is by far the most durably built.” 

The new Wave Lock System utilizes cam levers and was designed to make the set up and adjusting of the frame or accessory bar the easiest and fastest of any frame available. The height adjustment system uses gas springs in the end frames so it is effortless to raise and lower. The frame is available with either the 4 inch or 8 inch locking wheel option.

"Staying true to our signature resonator wave shape and our innovative Wave Wrap mallet design, the name “Wave” was inspired by the beautiful Northern California coast where we are located" says Samuels, “We've maintained the same high quality craftsmanship, beauty, and acoustics that our marimbas are known for around the world, but at a more affordable price.” 


•    4.3 or 5.0 octave rosewood bars
•    Heavy Duty Accessory Bar
•    4” or 8” Locking Wheel Option
•    Quick-Release Wave Lock System for Accessory Bar and Frame
•    Gas Spring Height Adjustment with built-in tape measure
•    Durable Powder Coated Finish