The Right Marimba For You

Which is the right marimba for you?

The two best frames on the market come with six acoustic choices

What’s your sound preference?
We love to craft the right instrument for you based on your needs and preferences. Essentially, the sonic character of our marimbas is the sum of two elements: keyboard voicing and resonator voicing.  Our keyboards range from the smooth and balanced Traditional keyboard to our Enhanced keyboard with exceptional projection; and, if you want a rare *~&^#@* outrageously  amazing sound, unlike anything else in the cosmos, go for our Premium keyboard.
Resonator voicing is available either in Classic, allowing for more harmonics in the bass notes, or Basso Bravo producing a darker, more powerful sound on the bass.    
Your choice of keyboard and resonator voicing results in one of six acoustic options which our master tuners will lovingly craft just for you. 

Frame your playing needs    
Identifying your marimba needs is key to choosing the right frame. Is the marimba for your school, and will it be used by many students? You might want to consider our super-smooth height-adjustable model such as our new marimba one Izzy™. Do you like the rich appointment of extra wood on your marimba? Perhaps our 3000-series™ with micro-height adjustment—the ultimate in durability—may be the one for you.
When you’ve made your choice, it’s only 5-7 weeks until your marimba is built and delivered to you.
Our marimbas are found in hundreds of institutions around the world from concert halls to universities. You can download the list here.

Financing Available

We work with NoteWorthy FCU to give you easy financing--USA only. With as little as 10% down payment and the instrument as a collateral, and up to 60-month installment plans, your dream marimba can become a reality. Talk to us about financing!


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Dear Ron, I've just received my marimba. Everything is fine. My marimba is so wonderful! marimba one™ is the BEST! Thank you very much for everything.

--Sujaree "Boom" Prapinwong - Thailand

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