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A marimba for Carnegie Hall

Whether you're rehearsing at home or performing in one of the great concert halls of the world, your instrument is at your side. Our marimbas feature exceptional bars for projection, evenness and balance, and are matched with resonators to create maximum resonance and the greatest dynamic range of any marimba, built to the highest standard for you. 

Handcrafting Your Sound

Because you know how you want your marimba to SOUND. And you know how you want your marimba to look. We'll custom build a marimba to your exact specifications. 

  • different hardwood frames according to your preferences
  • keyboard Voicing options for the sound you want
  • resonator Voicing options for the sound you want
  • handcrafted instruments
  • no loose parts to misplace on assembly
  • resonator color options for the look you want

We're a phone call away

Or an email, if you prefer! Soloists and professionals rave about our service. Re-tuning, questions, issues, or financing? Talk to us, we're right here, a small, dedicated team who wants to support you and your musicianship. 707.822.9570

Our marimbas are found in hundreds of institutions around the world. See the list here.

When I think of the marimba I think of marimba one™ because it has an ideal characterizations of these three registers. The bass fundamental is strong so that the harmony is clear but it has enough spice from the audible upper partials to be complex and exotic, almost electronic. The midrange is like butter – anything you write sounds good there(!), and the upper register has a bright ping that cuts.
--Steve Mackay, Composer

    Colin Currie

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