Double Helix Mallet Series

Double Helix Marimba Mallet

The Double Helix Mallet Series is a mid-weight line that we developed to bring out the warmth of the fundamental throughout the range of the marimba.

The Double Helix are made with one synthetic yarn and one wool yarn wrapped with relaxed tension.

Each mallet in the series evokes a warm deep tone from the keyboard.

The six mallets in this series are available with birch or rattan handles.

Model # Yarn Color Hardness Handle
DHB1 or DHR1 Gray/Gray Very Hard Birch or Rattan
DHB2 or DHR2 Gray/Champagne Hard Birch or Rattan
DHB3 or DHR3 Gray/Green Medium Hard Birch or Rattan
DHB4 or DHR4 Gray/Blue Medium Birch or Rattan
DHB5 or DHR5 Gray/Purple Medium Soft Birch or Rattan
DHB6 or DHR6 Gray/Red Soft Birch or Rattan