Production Manager

   Little did he know when he built a fabulous chair for Ron Samuels years ago that Rick would one day become the production manager at marimba one™.
   At the time of the chair construction, Rick was working for someone who salvaged French oak wine barrels and turned them into prized possessions. He worked there for six years because “we meshed on the value of old materials.” The craftsmanship involved mortise & tenon joinery -- a technique used as well on marimba one's soloist frames. 

   That value was learned early for Rick, now 35, growing up in Monterey.  “My grandfather used to restore antique cars,” and he helped while growing up.
   Rick came to Humboldt County and got his degree in liberal studies instead, went backpacking in Europe--and returned to Humboldt where his friends were.
   He began a varied series of jobs, from sushi chef to furniture construction, until he saw an ad for a production assistant at marimba one™. Eventually he became production manager. One of his key functions is to serve as intermediary--both ways--between the visionary Samuels and the pragmatic staff.
   The best part of his job? “To see a huge operation running smoothly, with everything in sync, like an orchestra,” as he meets his monthly production targets.
   Since he’s also a  musician, “it’s great to make quality instruments like our marimbas. We treat rosewood with a lot of respect, and are conscious of not wasting it.”