The Marimba That Started It All

It was 25 years ago that music professor Dennis Plies placed an order for a marimba and moved Ron Samuels to quit his woodworking job and jump into building marimbas full time.

This summer, Dennis felt that his 25-year-old marimba could benefit from an overall upgrade. So he and his wife Barbara came to our shop in Arcata, California, with their beloved instrument. 

The craftsmen at marimba one® upgraded his frame, refitted the instrument with all-new hardware, retuned the keyboard and the resonators. They did it according to the same motto that Ron gave to Plies when he took his original order: “perseverance and honest workmanship.”

Plies acknowledged Ron’s expertise, saying, ““You have altered the percussion world worldwide... I feel famous with the original model.”

triple-octave harmonic tuning on the bass end bars

While the bars on Dennis's marimba had maintained their pitch, the tuning technique has since evolved.  marimba one® continues to lead the field with keyboard retuning and Basso Bravo® resonator upgrade