Keep Your Keyboard Sounding Great

   For a marimba keyboard, the ideal humidity is between 40% and 50%.  We recommend using a de-humidifier if the room has high humidity, otherwise the bars will not resonate properly. Another possible cause for lack of resonance is the temperature in the room where the marimba has been stored. The marimba is designed and tuned to be in tune between 68 degrees and 72 degrees.   If the room is either too warm or too cold, this will cause the marimba to not resonate properly. Finally, if you have ruled out humidity and temperature, you can do this with your customer: play the marimba from both the player side and the audience side.   Does the bar sound any different?  Next, rotate the marimba 90 degrees and again play it from the player side and the audience side.  Does the bar sound any different?  If it doesn't sound good in any of these positions then it is the room that is affecting the sound of the bar.  If the bar sounds the same in all of these different playing positions, then the bar needs to be replaced.
   Do you need a bar replaced? Or maybe you want your entire keyboard retuned? At marimba one, we keep detailed records of all the marimbas we build, including keyboard voicing information. To replace a bar, please use our bar chart. DOWNLOAD BAR CHART.