Head of the Resonator Department

"I love to take raw materials and turn them into a high-quality end product for some artist who might eventually be playing it at Carnegie Hall" is the way that Jeff describes his goal at marimba one.

Jeff is the head of the Resonator Department, which means he is in charge of putting together the 75 dizzying lengths and diameters of the resonator tubes that give our marimbas their signature deep, warm sound.

Although he grew up around music--both his father and grandfather were musicians--Jeff got into ceramics at Arcata's Fire and Light company before switching to resonators at marimba one™ five years ago.

His eye for detail allows the 34-year-old the ability to oversee what he calls "the lots and lots of little steps" into putting a marimba together.

He notes the felt that is placed wherever there is contact between two pieces of metal, so that marimba oneresonators never ever rattle. He mentions the quality hardware, locking nuts that allow the instrument to be easily dismantled and yet stay well-secured.

Taking pains while working with his hands: watchwords for Jeff...and marimba one.